The Runaway Horse

My son was in danger…but I didn’t know!

My husband and I were attending a language school in Guadalajara.  We had studied Spanish in college but we were anxious to learn more.  Our son who was with us was 2 years old and full of life.  He had energy to burn!

Classes took up a lot of our day but I would often let him ride his “Tyke Bike” (a small 4-wheeled toddler bike) on the driveway and sidewalk just in front of our duplex.  It was a way for us both to get fresh air, and I got to meet a few neighbors.

One day I was chatting with the neighbor when suddenly I heard the clatter of hooves.  Just then I saw a big horse come steaming and pounding down the sidewalk instead of the street!

My heart leapt in my throat at the thought of my son!

Just a moment before, he had been on that sidewalk. For no reason that I could imagine, he had decided to leave his Tyke Bike there, had walked up the driveway and was now staring up at me.

I could not believe it!  The horse had galloped right over the top of the Tyke Bike!  Here I was, trying to watch over my little boy so he could have a few safe minutes of outdoor fun…and yet he had come so close to being trampled!

I instantly recognized the truth:  his Heavenly Father had been watching over him much better than I ever could.  He had put it in his mind to walk up into the driveway where he would be out of harm’s way.  I was overwhelmed with humility and thankfulness that day!

Have you or someone near you ever had a near-accident?  What was your response?  Do you ever have the sensation that “Someone” is watching out for you?  Indeed, God knows the steps that we take.  We can trust Him to only allow what will ultimately be for our good, even though we may not understand in this life all the why’s.

God really is trustworthy.

I hope and pray that you are inspired to take any steps you’ve considered to a better life, believing that God is looking out for you and those you love.  You can trust Him!      Be blessed!


Author: athomeintwoworlds

My journey has allowed me to be a wife, mother, grandmother and homemaker. Through the years, I've traveled with my husband, lived abroad, taught classes in both English and Spanish, cooked in many kitchens, and decorated our many dwellings. I love reading, crafting, hanging out with my family, and drinking tea. Looking all around me, I can't help but see how blessed I have been. I really long for my life to be an inspiration to others, as well.

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