Don’t dislike me, but I’m one of those people who likes to make New Year’s resolutions. I guess because I have a tendency to forget things, I like to make a mental list every January to work on a few improvements.

Last year I created a catchy directive for myself, “Don’t put it down; put it up!” In fact, it was one of my first posts here on the blog. So how did that go for me? Since I’ve been in a decluttering mode for a couple of years, I’d say that motto served me well. I intend to keep using it until it has become truly habitual with me.

And now for 2017, I wanted something more along spiritual lines to help keep me on track where it matters most. It’s day seven into the New Year so I was happy when the thought came to me, “Focus on Forever”.

Last year’s motto inspired me to try and conquer stacks and bins of things. I like to do crafts of various kinds so I do tend to collect and accumulate artsy things for these projects. Maybe it didn’t seem a very spiritual motto but it was just what I needed to bring a little more order.

I’ve learned that God is the God of order. It would be impossible to be more organized than He is, so I’ve been trying to learn more about keeping an organized home. Believe me, for a wannabe artistic type, that is a big order! But it is so worth it to invest in making sure there is “a place for everything, and…”, you know how it goes, “everything in its place!”

Our nation has come through a most difficult year in many important ways. One cannot help but see how life and death are so unpredictable. I want to be a person who prepares for whatever lies ahead. In matters of eternity, I’ve been doing that for a long time already. Perhaps you have too.

More than just keeping my focus right, I long to be an inspiration to others who want their motivation to be linked to things that last. Home and family were the first institutions God gave us and will always be important. If we can organize ourselves in those areas, we can raise our vision to the places beyond.

When we were raising our family abroad, it was essential to me that our children identify with our homeland. I took family photos and seasonal decorations to help remind us of what was happening “back home”.

How much more should we now want to remind ourselves of our new citizenship in heaven, and of what is happening up there!

It’s so easy to let our earthly calendars dictate our activities and focus. We want to keep up with all the necessary appointments and events, after all. We should be especially protective of the holidays inspired by our Christian faith and when possible do a little research to regain any spiritual significance that may have been lost.

One of the ways I plan to keep my Focus on Forever is to ask myself if upcoming activities or events contribute to something lasting and meaningful, either in our inner growth and development or those of others near us. I pray to be especially sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration in the coming days.

Especially helpful biblical verses like this one,
“The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of
God lives forever.” 1 John 2:17 New International Version.

Would you like for your days to be a little more meaningful? I would love to hear what your ideas, questions and comments are as you too, “Focus on Forever”.


Author: athomeintwoworlds

My journey has allowed me to be a wife, mother, grandmother and homemaker. Through the years, I've traveled with my husband, lived abroad, taught classes in both English and Spanish, cooked in many kitchens, and decorated our many dwellings. I love reading, crafting, hanging out with my family, and drinking tea. Looking all around me, I can't help but see how blessed I have been. I really long for my life to be an inspiration to others, as well.

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